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Aprylle Gilbert: Music

Diamond In The Rough


(Aprylle Gilbert)
Have you ever been in a situation where you feel invisible in your own relationship? Alive is about feeling that someone you love fails to recognize you for who you are and may be missing out on your greatest qualities. Alive speaks of craving recognition, acceptance and approval from the one who claims to love you. Ultimately our loved ones may not see our shining light until we give ourselves the permission to be who we truly are.


(Aprylle Gilbert)
If you have ever had an experience in life which you were better able to handle because of a previous lesson from the past, you may relate to the sentiment of this song. Speak was written in a flash of inspiration with the realization that the trials of the past all serve to help us evolve to a position of greater strength in dealing with the issues of today.

Making A Believer

(Aprylle Gilbert)
Sometimes all it takes is one persons belief to help another along the way to believing in themselves. This is certainly the case in Making A Believer. Think about what a difference could be made in someone's life by encouraging them to pursue their dream rather than pointing out the negative or "practical" perspective.

Takin It Off

(Aprylle Gilbert)
Many people like this song because of the obvious imagery of Taking It Off! Listen to the lyrics and see if you can find a deeper message.

One More Time Around

(Aprylle Gilbert)
One More Time Around was inspired by the life of an 8 year old cancer patient who was undergoing chemo-therapy for the second time around. It also relates to a time in my own life when I had given up on myself as an artist. The thought was, that if this little girl had the courage to get back up and try again, not only for herself but for her loved ones, I could surely get up and try again myself. While we struggle with our own issues, its important to remember there are those who's struggles are greater than our own, and may only be to hold onto life for another moment.

Bye Bye Baby

(Aprylle Gilbert)
In Bye Bye Baby the time has come to move on. Knowing when it's time to say goodbye can be the most difficult challenge of all. Sometimes two people may only be able to evolve by going their separate ways. Have you ever had a positive breakup? Send me a message, I'd love to hear about it!

Don't Say Anything

(Aprylle Gilbert)
Ever been in love and you seem to hear love songs wherever you go? On the radio, in the grocery store, at the restaurant...they are all playing your song! Don't Say Anything was written about the "makeup after the breakup", that giddy feeling when everything seems a little magical and every song is a love song.

Home By Eight

(Aprylle Gilbert)
This is just a little mental affair with someone who had previous obligations. In Home By Eight I am promising to get my crush home at a decent hour...

Say The Word

(Aprylle Gilbert)
Making a suggestive comment is like taking the easy way out. There is no risk involved and no one can pin you down. If you make a suggestive comment you can then sit back and gauge the response from a position of safety. Of course as the recipient of the comment I am usually left to contemplate the intentions of the commentator. Say The Word is a mental tangent inspired by some very suggestive comments.